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Ant Control Service In Humboldt County

Ants survive primarily in colonies and live to find food for their queen. You’ll usually find them drawn to areas such as kitchens and backyards because of this. Killing one or a few ants undoubtedly makes little difference, as there is almost certainly a colony housing hundreds more nearby. Furthermore, the key to effective ant control in Humboldt county homes or offices is to eliminate the entire colony altogether.

Control Ant Infestations Fast

Ants are a year round insect. They reproduce in the summer and seek warm shelter in the winter. Since your home or office is susceptible to ants year round, it’s still important to know what attracts them and how to tell if they’re already making their home in yours.

Pharaoh Ants

What Causes Ant Infestations?

Improperly Stored Food – The main purpose of an ant’s life is to find food for their queen. Ants will be attracted to food that is left out in your home.

Dirty Kitchen – Storing food properly isn’t enough. Dirty dishes and crumbs will still lure ants in. Wipe down your countertops and mop your floors to help prevent ants.

Sticky Garbage – Sugar attracts ants. Remember to regularly rinse your garbage containers, as well as soda bottles and food cans.

Rotting or Decaying Wood – Carpenter ants make their nests in damp decaying wood. Replacing rotting wood will reduce your ant population.

Ants Inside Your Home

You’ll want to act fast when you first spot ants. Typically this means that they have found a food source inside your home. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of their colony shows up to claim their tasty reward.

Signs Of Existing Ant Infestations​

Multiple Ants And Forage Trails – Foraging ants search areas for food, and form a trail from it back to their colony. These trails become more distinct over time, as more and more ants walk the path.

Damaged Wood –  Ants like to create nests in walls, beams, cabinets – any wood will do. A sawdust like material around your home as a result from burrowing their way in is a sure fire sign of ants.

Ants In Food – Ant’s aren’t picky with their diet. If you notice ants in food, your pet’s food, or any area with food, throw it away and clean the area.

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Ant Control Service Plan

1. Inspection

We send our experienced technicians to your property in order to inspect the area prior to any work. Our technicians are trained to look for not only the source of the problem, but also how ants are able to enter your residence.

2. Recommendation

Following the inspection, we present you with our recommended ant control service plan. This is a custom plan unique to your overall situation. Your individual service plan will outline our suggested next steps, time frame for completion, as well as how we plan on preventing ants from returning in the future. 

3. Treatment

Once your service plan is approved, our technicians work to eliminate ant colonies for good. We often use the natural foraging patterns of ants to our advantage, as they will collect our bait traps and bring them back to their colony. This bait includes an active ingredient designed to kill ants and similarly, their queen. 

4. Monitoring

We schedule regular follow up appointments in order to be sure of long term results. It is during these visits that we perform perimeter barrier treatments and thorough inspections for any new possible ant entry and attraction points.

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