Bat Removal & Exclusion

Bat Removal & Exclusion

Bats are nocturnal creatures known to roost in attics and walls of homes. If you hear scratching or faint squeaking come nighttime, there is a good chance you’re housing bats. Left untreated, they can cause longterm damage to the integrity of a structure, as well as your overall health. If you believe you have bats in your house, call 707 Pest Solutions. Our bat removal service is designed not only to rid bats from Humboldt County homes, but also to prevent them from returning. 

Are Bats Inside Your Attic?

Bat infestations are serious issues that present direct dangers to your home and individual health. They look for areas that are warm and dry in the winter, and make your home their home. Bats don’t chew or scratch at electrical wires like a squirrel would, however, their presence is still cause for concern. They also multiply quickly, so be sure to give us a call before it gets out of hand!

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Signs Of Bats In Your Home

If you notice any of the signs below at your residence, there is a high chance of a bat infestation.

Entry Points – Bats use the same few entry points as they come and go, usually found along your roofline or wall vents. Look for greasy stains in these areas. 

Droppings – As bats squeeze into your home, they will often relieve themselves. Scan the walls and ground around your home for bat guano (dung). 

You Hear and See Them – Since they are nocturnal creatures, be sure to listen for them at night. You may also spot them as they leave or enter your home. Sit outside one evening and keep an eye on possible entry points.

Damage Caused From Bats

Both your health of your family and your home are at risk when bats are involved. If you’ve experienced any of the signs mentioned above, we highly suggest you contact our office. 

Problems Caused From Bats

Structural Damage – Bats don’t chew on wires, as shown above. However, their guano and urine can pile up and seep through ceilings and insulation, eventually collapsing a structure. 

Spread Disease – Bat droppings can causes lung disease spores, such as Histoplasmosis, to spread. Bats can also spread rabies.

Introducing Bat Mites – Often mistaken for bed bugs, these blood feeders appear as a side effect of bat infestations. They will find their way into your home and feed on your family and pets.

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Bat Removal & Exclusion

1. Inspection

Bats are scary creatures better left to the professionals. We'll send our experienced technicians out to scan your home for entry points, look for droppings and confirm or deny their existence in your home.

2. Recommendation

If we determine there to be bats in your Humboldt home or office, we will provide you with our recommended bat removal service plan. This includes our exclusion service as well. Your custom plan will show our suggested next steps, as well as timeframe for completion.

3. Treatment

Following the approval of your plan, we work to remove bats from your building in a humane way and clean up their droppings. We also make sure to seal their existing entry points afterwards, as well as other possible entry points, so they do not return.

4. Monitoring

Regularly scheduled appointments will be made to be sure our work is effective. We also want to make certain that bat mites aren't still around once the bats leave.