Rodent Control & Exclusion

Rodent Control In Humboldt County

Rodents may look cute, however, they can cause extensive damage to your property if left alone. 707 Pest Solutions can not only control the rodent population around your home or office in Humboldt County, but also block entryways to be sure no further rodents make their way inside.

Rats and mice enter your residence and use the insulation for nesting materials. Whether in your attic or in your subfloor, rodents will pull apart the insulation while contaminating it with urine and feces at the same time. They can also cause major structural damage by chewing on wiring, plumbing and ducting. Call 707 Pest Solutions if you suspect rodents in your home before they cause serious structural damage.

What Causes Rodent Infestations?

Rats and mice are known to carry over 35 different diseases, including salmonella, lyme disease, and rat bite fever. These diseases can be passed on to humans through direct contact with the rodent or it’s feces. There is also the chance of disease spreading to humans indirectly through contact with fleas or ticks that may be living on an infected rodent. If you notice any of the signs below, call 707 Pest Solutions for a free consultation.

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What Attracts Rodents To Your Home?

Food and Water – Simply put, rats and mice are attracted to areas with food and water. This is because they don’t have a steady source of it. Be sure to clean your kitchen and eating areas, as well as fix any dripping pipes or leaking sprinkler heads.

Clutter and Trash – Food and shelter are the two things rodents need most. Areas with lots of trash and clutter are ideal for rodents as they provide for both these needs. 

Easy Entry To A Warm Home – Rodents need warm shelter in the winter as well as a safe place to raise their young. A heated home with access to basement and attic areas are ideal for rat and mice survival.

Signs Of Rodents Infestation

Act fast at the first sign of rodents. They often times carry disease that can pass onto you and your family. Use the information below to help determine if you’re living with rats. 

Are Rodents Living In Your Home?

Droppings – A tell-tale sign of unwanted visitors. Rodent droppings are between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long, and are often pointed at both ends.

Powerful Urine Odor – Rodent urine is pungent. You should easily detect a strong musky smell if you have an infestation. 

Gnaw Marks and Stains – Rodents are dirty creatures that chew on your wires and wood. They’ll leave oily marks along areas they travel, and teeth marks on wood around your house.

Noise – You may be able to hear them moving about your attic or walls. Rodents are nocturnal, so keep an ear out for them at night.

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Rodent Removal Service

1. Inspection

Prior to starting any work, we inspect your property for signs of existing rodents and how they enter your home. Our experienced team knows where to look, thoroughly inspecting every possible entry and exit point. Following the inspection, we create a rodent control plan custom for your Humboldt home or office building.

2. Recommendation

Recommendations are provided on how to make those points inaccessible to the pests. You can ask us to perform the work or do so yourself. We will happily provide recommendations for the best ways to block the access points. 

3. Treatment

We get to work shortly after your approval. Usually, traditional snap traps are installed in the attic and/or crawl space. We can also use a live trap catch and release method for an additional cost. You'll notice the overall population decline as a result of our traps. 

4. Monitoring

Finally, we give you tips about ways to pest proof your home. Our exclusion service also is included in your rodent control treatment plan. We include this service to be sure your property remains rodent free.

Rodent Exclusion Service

Mice and rats can squeeze their way into the smallest of holes, no more than 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch in length. The average home undoubtedly has roughly a few dozen of these possible entry points. You may find them near roof vents, garage doors, crawl spaces and even close to pipes and vents.

What Does Our Exclusion Service Do?

Together with our trap placements, the Exclusion process gets rid of rats and other rodent pests. We make sure they are out of the residence, and then we seal off their entryways. We will also help you with ongoing prevention measures and provide tips for how best to protect your space. However, rodents in the home or office are often evidence of a bigger issue. A common one being a heavy population in the surrounding outside area. If the population remains, it will continue to increase and eventually chew new entry areas in due time.

Our final step in rodent exclusion service is to install child-and-pet-resistant rodent feeding stations outside. Once the rodents eat this food, they soon die, diminishing the population to a manageable level as a result.

We Also Inspect Your Insulation

After we remove the pests, we look at your insulation. If we believe the damages are a health hazard, or if there is significant material loss, we may recommend removing your existing insulation. You will always receive an honest assessment of the problem. We can install traditional fiberglass insulation or the very popular spray foam insulation.

Rodent Species In Humboldt County