Termite Control

Termite Control

Termites feed on wood. They also cause major damage to buildings. The most common termite to control in Humboldt County are certainly Subterranean termites. Don’t worry, however. 707 Pest Solutions offers long-term treatment options unlike any other. We not only kill termites, but also destroy their colony, regardless of size.

If you notice damage, often times it is much worse on the inside. When dealing with termites, to protect is better than to react. It’s important to still have termite service even if you aren’t seeing signs. Schedule a free consultation before damage gets beyond control.

Termidor® Liquid Treatments Control Termites Quickly

Termidor Certified Professional

Termidor® is our top termite control option. This is a “stealthy” liquid that works rather fast. Termites aren’t able to sense the active ingredient, which we use to our advantage. Because of this, they have a hard time avoiding it altogether. Termites roam your yard and, as a result, come into contact with the ingredient. Following this, they will undoubtedly travel back to the colony.

From there, the ingredient gets to work. The more termites come into contact, the faster it spreads. Other termites will surely be infected thereafter, killing off the colony in due time. 

Our technicians are all Termidor® certified. We will make a visit prior to service and decide if Termidor® is right for you. 

Sentricon® Systems Offer Continuous Termite Control

We are proud to be the only local business that offers the Sentricon® System. Furthermore, our technicians are all certified Sentricon® Specialists.

Once in place, the Sentricon® System forms a ring of protection around your building. Most important, this ring does not degrade over time. Sentricon® gets to the heart of the issue, killing the entire colony with effective science. We use the natural foraging behavior of termites against them, simultaneously eliminating them while they feed.

Sentricon® is the only termite product with the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. This award recognizes tech that blends eco-smart science into its design. The original Sentricon® System was given this award for it’s 3 advances. Low impact on human health, low toxicity to nontarget organisms and for low potential of water contamination. All things considered, Sentricon® is an eco-friendly, long term termite option.

Sentricon Termite Control

How The Sentricon® System Works

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