Wildlife Removal & Exclusion

Wildlife Removal and Animal Control

707 Pest Solutions can surely help with the removal of wildlife from your Humboldt home of office. We have a wildlife license with the Department of Fish and Game, which means we can legally help you get rid of these animals. The wildlife control services we provide are humane and effective. Firstly, we trap and safely release the animal from your property and into the wild. Our work doesn’t end here, however. Following the removal of the animal, our exclusion service makes sure they won’t return after we leave.

Wildlife Control Services

Exclusion Service Keeps Wildlife Out

We are proud to offer an exclusion service as part of our wildlife removal plan. Following the removal of the animal, our technicians scan the area for signs of possible entry points. We work to seal off and create barriers at those spots so that animals no longer have a way in. 

There are many different factors at play as to what attracts wildlife to your yard. For this reason, we train our technicians to thoroughly inspect the property prior to starting work. Each situation is certainly unique, and the specific method of wildlife removal and exclusion will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Once a treatment plan is in place, we will regularly monitor the area to be sure of effective results.


Wildlife Species In Humboldt County